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"First we had Muriel’s Wedding, now “The Dismissal”. Things are looking good right now for the Australian Musical…”

- Jo Litson


“…The best Australian musical of the century so far…”

- Jason Blake, Audrey Journal




"The star of the show, however, is the incomparable Jay James-Moody. His ability to transition between characters seamlessly, differentiating each of the ten characters physically and vocally is remarkable. He has the audience spellbound for the full 90 minutes of Herringbone, displaying incredible stage presence and charisma. His performance alone is worth the cost of the ticket." 

- Weekend Notes


"It’s a delightful box of oddities and Jay James-Moody has a field day frolicking and flaunting his estimable talent...haunting and hilarious, reflective and rollicking, a real rebel rouser of an entertainment"

- Australian Stage


"James-Moody is everyone except the band. And he is brilliant... it requires a particular set of performance muscles and James-Moody appears to flex up effortlessly... Offered by master craftspeople with an infectiously engaging joy in the presenting from an artist of personality plus, sit back in wonder or lean in with curiosity, HERRINGBONE is a show for the savouring."

- Sydney Arts Guide


"Jay James-Moody and Michael Ralph as co-directors demonstrate an impressive handle of the challenging script. In lesser hands, this show could come off rambling and incoherent, but with the careful storytelling crafted by the co-directors, the production packs a real punch."

- Weekend Notes


"HERRINGBONE: A VAUDEVILLIAN GHOST STORY is intriguing, entertaining and also somewhat disturbing... This Australian Premiere production is a fine example of Jay James-Moody's talent and skill and an artful expression of an unusual story"

- Broadway World


"James-Moody’s performance is remarkable. For an unceasing 90 minutes, he capers, creeps, hobbles, swims, and, yes, he jumps like a frog. His character flips are razor-sharp. The ménage a trois between Frog, a terrified George and a hotel receptionist named Dot is rendered with sufficient clarity to make it uncomfortable to watch rather than merely comic."

- Audrey Journal



“James-Moody is given, thankfully, plenty of time to show off his comic chops in keenly-observed comic bits.”

- Timeout



“Jay James-Moody is perfect as put-upon Ladislav, and then runs off with the show at the end of the first act as the uppity waiter of the impossibly romantic Cafe Imperiale.”

- Daily Review


“Stellar scene stealing work accompanies every turn of Jay James-Moody's avuncular cosmetic clerk and he just about shoplifts the whole she-bang of She Loves Me with his exquisitely executed head waiter, the maitre d' of a restaurant reserved for romantic rendezvous. Moody plunders every comic nuance in line delivery and physical and facial gesture, mining the mirth for a mother lode of laughs.”

- Australian Stage 


“Jay James-Moody is an absolute scene-stealer.”

- Time Out


“An absolutely hallmark performance from Jay James-Moody as the meek seeming Ladislav and as the waiter in another sequence.  His work is pinpoint in both pathos and primping and nestles so well into this stellar ensemble.”

- Sydney Arts Guide



"With such fine artists as... the amazing Jay James-Moody, this is clearly one of the finest Australian casts ever assembled."

- Stage Whispers



"Jay James-Moody's shy Flute hits the comic timing sweet spot repeatedly."



"Jay James-Moody has a particularly memorable turn as Francis Flute, the young man tasked with playing the young maiden Thisbe."

- Daily Review

BRING IT ON (2016)


"Bucketloads of satire, sensational dancing and heartwarming tenderness from the WA Academy of Performing Arts cast and crew make this an exhilarating night at the theatre"

- The West Australian



"A number of young performers make their professional debuts in this production and to watch the beautifully crafted ensemble work that director, Jay James-Moody, has created... Honest and electric"

- Blitz



"Jay James-Moody's economical staging pitches things just right... [and he] also puts in a star turn as the ineffectual, ignored Alexander Throttlebottom... An afternoon of unmitigated pleasure."All credit to director Jay James-Moody and his cast… solidly delivered"

- Limelight




“All credit to director Jay James-Moody and his cast… solidly delivered”



“Outstandingly directed by Jay James-Moody”

- Arts Hub


“Squabbalogic has done it again. Minister Fifield - this company deserves your cash.”

- Stage Noise


“Raw and honest... A wonderful expression of musical theatre”

- Broadway World



“…Director Jay James-Moody has waved his magic wand over it. With the aid of an impeccable and hard working cast…"

– Diana Simmonds, Stage Noise



 “Director Jay James-Moody makes a scene-stealing cameo as the barber.”

– Neil Litchfield, Stage Whispers


“Director Jay James-Moody has always been good at bringing out the genuine human emotion in a heightened artform like musical theatre, and his work with Sheldon is one of his greatest successes; together they have built a slowly-cresting crescendo of equal parts charm, valour, kindness and tragedy.”

– Cassie Tongue, Aussie Theatre


“The images and ideas that live inside the head of Jay James-Moody mean that the rest of us, sooner or later, become privy to wondrous and heart-wrenching sights and sounds… As a realiser of dreams, Jay James-Moody is one of the most thrilling talents of the new generation of musical theatre makers”

– Diana Simmonds, Stage Noise



“The distinguished, popular, enviably gifted, versatile Jay James-Moody has pretty much proved himself an outright genius with this one. Apart from his offstage roles, he plays the lead, as the aptly-named Man In Chair… every expression and pause is optimally calibrated for comic impetus…His shtick is understatement”

– Brad Syke, Crikey Daily Review


“At the centre of it all is director and star Jay James-Moody, for whom the role 'Man in Chair' – an endearing mix of snark and sincerity, vehemence and vulnerability – might have been written.”

– Claire Reilly, Timeout


“Jay James-Moody is spectacularly good”

– Dianna Simmonds, Stage Noise


“Jay James-Moody plays, consummately, the Man in the Chair, and is also the Director of the show. Well done - he has a real talent to amuse.”

– Kevin Jackson’s Theatre Diary


“James-Moody is tremendous”

– Deborah Jones, The Australian


“Jay James-Moody is one of the most watchable performers in musical theatre. He has exceptional comic timing, boundless energy and a great eye as director. He has stage presence aplenty.”

– Jane Simmons, Shit On Your Play


“I've seen Bob Martin & Geoffrey Rush as Man in Chair but Jay James-Moody gives a very special performance in Drowsy Chaperone”

– Jo Litson, The Daily Telegraph



“It’s hard to stop and worry about flaws, because you’re watching something completely riveting. This is perhaps the greatest feat director Jay James-Moody has ever pulled off: he makes Carrie: the Musical a moving, moody, blood-red meditation on teenage hierarchy and coming-of-age, of the demonisation and exploration of sexuality in small town life.”

– Cassie Tongue, Aussie Theatre



“Jay James-Moody steals laughs left and right as Martin van Buren, among others.”

 – Cassie Tongue, Aussie Theatre


“Jay James-Moody stands out in an array of characters.”

– Deborah Jones, The Australian


“Someone who is extremely likeable, though, is Martin Van Buren (Jay James-Moody), who steals the show with his measured movements, one-liners and perfect timing.”

– Matthew Watson, Concrete Playground



“The star, with his usual star-level charisma, is one of the best figures in Sydney independent musical theatre, actor/director/producer Jay James-Moody, playing the lead role of the eponymous twins. He trades plummy vowels and doublets for broad Australian accents as he dances nimbly between the roles of city and country twin respectively. The best thing about James-Moody though is his capacity for comedy – he shines in roles that have a little meat to their quirk (both seasons of [title of show] and Ordinary Days were other shining examples in his humane and endearing eccentric character wheelhouse) and this role is no exception.”

– Cassie Tongue, Aussie Theatre


“Jay James-Moody as the twins Tonino and Zanetto displays terrific comic timing whilst capturing instantly two distinct characters, accents and personalities. His ability to find the joy in each moment and letting the audience in on the joke every time was a pleasure to watch. We can’t help but love him. Why else would someone in the audience hand over their cash-laden wallet and laugh as he uses it on stage? Trust me- we would have given him whatever he asked for. A less confident actor would have crashed and burned in this demanding comic role but James-Moody gives it as good as it gets.”

– Jane Simmons, Shit On Your Play


“Jay James-Moody was certainly convincing as the twins, so much so that sometimes I forgot it was the same actor.”

– Veronica Hannon, Gay News Network



“James-Moody also continues to prove why he’s one of the best comic actors on Sydney’s indie theatre scene today.”

– Christian Baines, SameSame


“The whole cast is effective and affecting; most particularly James-Moody and Beck, who bring out tenderness and even tears. All sing splendidly; individually and collectively.”

– Brad Syke, Crikey


“The performances are warmly detailed, especially from Lovell and James-Moody, who pick the comic eyes out of the prickly relationship between Deb and Warren.”

– Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald


“Jay James-Moody continues to prove he can wear multiple creative hats and look good in all of them; this performer and sometime director brings a gently funny, surprisingly thoughtful view to the hopeful Warren, who could have been dangerously one-note in the hands of a lesser actor.”

– Cassie Tongue, Aussie Theatre

A NEW BRAIN (2011)


“Squabbalogic supremo Jay James-Moody literally has a spring in his step with his sublime characterisation of Mr. Bungee”

– Richard Cotter, Sydney Arts Guide


“Looking like he has hopped out of a Tim Burton movie, an unrecognisable Jay James-Moody is terrific as Mr Bungee”

– Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald

[TITLE OF SHOW] (2010)


“Blake Erickson and Jay James-Moody (who also directs) are pitch perfect - musically and attitudinally”

– Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald



“Jay James-Moody, who also stars (indeed, for my money, he was one of, if not the standout, as both actor and singer, especially his baby character), deserves plaudits for sewing it all together”

– Brad Syke, Australian Stage

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